Paramotor wing for students and beginners.


Scout is our newest design in the line of motor wings. This paraglider is created for beginners and weekend pilots.

A new reflex wing foil was created for Scout, that has got a special air-intake “airscoop”.

As a result we’ve got a very comfortable conduct in every regime, it’s really hard to provoke front collapse. Speed and control characteristics are aimed to a comfort flight in any conditions for a pilot with no experience.

The leading edge is reinforced with nylon rods, that form the “air scoop” air-intake. A similar decision is used for Muscat-3.

The wing is very easy to lift above your head and it stops automatically in the right position what is really important for a student.

As landing with a motor system without any wing is a potential stress for an inexperienced pilot, we have put extra attention to landing characteristics.

The wing “swallows” turbulence while flying and it doesn’t have any heel rocks under power, but has a well-balanced turn, so it won’t scare the pilot during the first wingovers.

Scout is also a great wing for paratrike flights. We produce a special Scout Trike for flights with a tandem trike.

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m22123252730
aspect ratio4.
V min, km/h2525252525
in-flight weight, kg55-11060-12070-14080-16090-180
flat surface, m217,5819,2520,9222,6025,11
projected surface, m2.3,313,313,313,313,31
wingspan, m10,0410,5110,9511,3912,00
projected wingspan, m7,637,988,328,659,11
root chord, m2,562,682,792,903,06
tip chord, m0,60,620,650,680,71
lines length, m
weight, kg5.

верхняя поверхность Skytex 9017 E25A
нижняя поверхность Skytex 9017 E25A
нервюры Skytex 9017 E29A
диагональные нервюры 9017 E29A
усиление передней кромки Flexon cord 2,4 mm
усиление крепления строп Dacron 170 g/sqm
стропы верхнего яруса Liros DSL 70
стропы среднего яруса Liros PPSL 120
стропы нижнего яруса Liros TSL 220, TSL 280
свободные концы 20 mm polyester, 1200 daN
коннекторы 3 mm Mailon Rapide

Color schemes

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Color 2
Color 3



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