Kite AlaSCa is a de-powerable open cell ram air traction kite. Like all our paragliders and kites, AlaSCa delivers friendly, controllable power. AlaSCa de-power system pushes the control and delivery of that power to new heights. Whether you are a freestyle buggier, an air hungry boarder, or a mad jumper, Alasca delivers fun. In the gusty conditions, de-power makes for smooth cross country cruising.

AlaSCa was designed from the start to have a very high pressure on the leading edge. This leading high pressure zone ensures no luffing at the edge of the window even when the wind is shifty.

Born on the icy Ukrainian steppes, where land power kiting is a winter sport, AlaSCa – as kiters will find – performs brilliantly in snow. Vents of the leading edges are reinforced with tightly woven highly porous screen that keeps snow out. This very fine mesh also prevents the build up of snow on the mesh. So, less time de-icing your Sky Country, more time flying.

Built from durable Gelvenor, AlaSCa is a kite you will love flying for years.

AlaSCa comes ready to fly complete with lines and an Ozone de-power bar in a sturdy rucksack.

Though designed for intermediate/advanced pilots, Sky Country kites almost intuitive control allows beginners to learn to fly in very light winds. They will soon advance to traction activities and find that their Sky Country kite continues to deliver performance as they progress.

Beginners should note that the low end listed wind ranges are where we feel a kite will start to provide useful traction. All our kites will fly quite happily in much lower winds and still provide a fair amount of force. Learn to fly your kite in low winds and slowly move up to greater wind speeds as your flying skills develop. We strongly suggest lessons. If formal lessons are not available in your area, try to contact local power kiters. Generally, they will be only too glad to help you (in return for a little flying time with your Sky Country).


Technical data

size 7 10 12
flat surface, m2 7,5 10 12
aspect ratio 4,1 4,1 4,1
cells 24 24 24
range of wind
(min – opt – max)
7 – 10 – 15 5 – 8 – 12 4 – 6 – 10


fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25, Techfiber SBS-140 (Japan)
lines Liros dyneema DC-60, DC-100
bar lines Liros dyneema DC-300, DC-200

Included with kite

  • kite
  • bar with bar-lines
  • leash
  • rucksack
  • adjustable compression strap
  • manual
  • repair kit