This kite was created for riders who already have some kiting experience.


It was designed as a universal kite. You can use it for pleasure rides, cross country tours, competitions as well as for water kiting.

Nasca-2 can be described by good control and low bar load allowing durable kite control without rider’s physical fatigue.

The kite has а double valve air intake that improves its maneuvering and speed characteristics and helps to perform in the conditions of turbulent air, what was impossible for the first generation of Nasca kites. Leading edge and air intake are enhanced by nylon rods that perfectly hold air geometry while slant wind as well as help to perform at lower angle of attack what extends range of wind possible for riding.

Minimal kite draft is much lower comparing to the previous models, that’s why Nasca-2 can be used at stronger winds and achieve greater speed.

Our kites have wide wind range from 2-3 m/c and up to 13-15 m/c (depending on the rider’s weight and experience) on the snow and from 6-7 m/c and up to 15-17 m/c on the water for 11 sq.m. size and from 1,5-2 m/c and up to 10-12 m/c on the snow and from 4-5 m/c and up to 12-14 m/c on the water for 14 sq.m. size.

This year we have completed the model range of our kites with the 7 sq.m. “storm” kite. This kite size has a lower aspect ratio and a new graphical design.


Technical data

size 7 11 14
flat surface, m2 7 10,7 13,8
aspect ratio 4,8 5,2 5,8
cells 26 35 39
range of wind
(min – opt – max)
6 – 11 – 17 3 – 8 – 15 1,5 – 5 – 12


fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25, Techfiber SBS-140 (Japan)
lines Liros dyneema DC-60, DC-100
bar lines Liros dyneema DC-300, DC-200

Included with kite

  • kite
  • bar with bar-lines
  • rucksack
  • adjustable compression strap
  • manual
  • repair kit