Performance glider, certified as En-C. Designed for pilots who has more than 70 flying hours


A step furthermore towards perfection

Scorpion 4 is the latest development in the lineage of Scorpion paragliders. It’s design is based on cutting edge knowledge and technology, designed on extremely modern paraglider fashion lines. For instance the line scheme which is composed by a ‘’less drag’’ three row design; we also equipped the leading edge with nylon lines in rib’s tips, trailing edge former ribs which also help to reduce drag , as well as a brake strapping system essentially made by a set of rings that especially shape the brake flap at accurate places of brake lines attachment: this system really improves the brake efficiency. The upper cascade of lines is composed by unsheated aramid line Liros LTC 80 and LTC 65. Risers are made of 12 mm band with aramid core produced by Cousin. They have a simple construction as each has only three connectors.

Thanks to the three-row system, we considerably shortened the total line length (in comparison with Scorpion-3): M size has over 50 meters less! Even if the aspect ratio of Scorpion 4 is the same as its predecessor – 5.8 – the flying qualities and the overall performance have appreciably increased ; it’s most notably visible by the improvement of glide ratio. Scorpion-4 canopy is made with NCV Skytex fabric. We used Skytex 9092 Е85А for the top surface; it’s the most durable fabric of the current NCV line. New glider has perfect handling and his stable behaviour is very appreciated. As its predecessor, Scorpion-4 flies stable and safe at high speed ( using speed bar ) – the leading edge remains solid and tight.

Safety first

Scorpion 4 27 has been certified in EN C class. Even though it’s a very safe glider regarding his performance level, we warmly recommend for safety reasons first a minimum background experience of 70 hours of flight; but most of all this will allow you to use the full high level potential of this machine!

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m2232526.82930.833
aspect ratio5.
V min, km/h242424242424
V max, km/h545454545454
Vy min, m/s
Vy bal, km/h
Vy bal trimm, km/h
in-flight weight, kg60-7570-9080-10095-115110-130120-150
pilots weight, kg
flat surface, m219.7021.4322.9724.8426.4028.30
projected surface, m2.
wingspan, m11.5512.0512.4712.9713.3713.84
projected wingspan, m
root chord, m2.512.622.712.822.913.01
tip chord, m0.460.480.500.510.530.55
lines length, m
weight, kg

 ткань верх — Skytex 9092 E85A, низ — Skytex 9017 E38A
 стропы Liros aramid 280/220/190 daN, uncovered 80/65 daN
 концы 12 мм polyester
 коннекторы 3мм APCO

Color schemes

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