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  • Congratulations to Aleksey Kucherenko, who took first place in his class (Sport-class) flying on "Mystic 4". Also in the Serial class Alexey took the honorable 2nd place.

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    Mystic-4 win at Adventure in Siberia 2021 in sport-class

    Volodymyr Yavorsky competing at the Carpathian Cup 2021 (August 8-14), flying prototype of Hi-EN B paraglider, won first place in Fun-class and 3rd place in Sport class

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    Hi En-B proto won fun class at CC2021

    Replacement for S.cool-1/2 and Vector 2

    Vector-3 page
    Sky Country Vector-3 paragliding harness
    New harness Vector 3

    Advanced version of best selling Sector Race

    Sector Race 2 page
    Sky Country Sector Race 2
    New pod-harness Sector Race 2

    Perfect for hike-and-fly! But also for powered paragliding, students and beginners.

    Scotch page
    New single-skin paraglider - SCotch

    Наша команда в составе Кирилла Литвинова и Максима Максимова стала серебряным призёром Чемпионата Мира WISSA по сверхдлинным дистанциям!

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    Silver at the Super Long Distances World Cup

    Alexey Kucherenko won White Nights Cup 2017, flying Space

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    SC Space won the competition

    The new PPG wing Moscito-4 is the further development of the Moscito-3, which proved its high performance by winning first places in many competitions.

    Moscito-4 page
    Moscito-4 new generation of PPG wing