High Performance glider, certified as En-C. Designed for experienced pilots who are flying cross-country and competitions.


MyStiC3 is the development of the ideas laid into Mystic of the first and second generation. Our task during this wings’ development was traditional, i.e. we meant to develop a paraglider which would be better in the aspects of flying, controlling and providing a pilot with more positive emotions, keeping a high security level at the same time.

We’ve been working on the MyStiC 3 project for almost 2 years, having developed and manufactured few prototypes, spent much time in the air testing the wing and flying the routes to choose the best version. The first prototype was actually MyStiC2 to which we added plastic lines, former ribs and changed it to three line rows. Though while developing it, we decided to alter the wing’s profile, that resulted in a number of other alterations, including the risers structure and accelerator’s working scheme. So far, classical decisions are used in MyStiC3 structure –nylon rods on the leading edge, miniribs and fully three-row structure. Total lines’ length decreased by 21% in comparison with MyStiC of the previous generation.


Thanks to a new wing’s profile, MyStiC3 possesses a high resistance to front collapses, including the ones at full speed. It’s rather difficult to collapse the wing with A-row; to initialize collapses during the certification process, we used additional lines – so called «folding lines», which were bound to specially sewed loops at air intake’s upper lip. Amazing wing’s stability even at maximum speed and long brake travell enable the pilot with the opportunity to safely and comfortably work for the result in the utmost difficult conditions. Flying MyStiC3 is not a fight with the wing, though a synthesis of the best wing’s and pilot’s qualities. The paraglider’s high safety is confirmed by EN C certificate (for Mystic3 М and ML).


The upper and lower paraglider’s surface is manufactured of the newest fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25A – currently this fabric possesses the best ratio of resource and weight (out of all NCV range). The inner wing’s structure is manufactured of hard finished fabric Skytex 9017 E29A. MyStiC3 has fully unsheated lining, upper and lower tiers are manufactured of aramid line Edelrid A8000U with UV protection. Currently it’s the best line at the market concerning ratio of durability, resource and ability to preserve the initial length while being used.

xc pilot

Technical data

size XS S M ML L
flat surface, m2 23 24.5 25,5 27 28.5
aspect ratio 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5
V min, km/h 25 25 25 25 25
V max, km/h 55+ 55+ 55+ 55+ 55+
Vy min, m/s 1,0 1,0 1,0 1,0 1,0
total in-flight weight, kg 60-80 70-90 80-100 90-115 105-130
scale 0.95 0.98 1,00 1,031 1,057
projected surface, m2. 19,4 20,67 21,51 22,86 24,04
projected aspect ratio 4,66 4,66 4,66 4,66 4,66
wingspan, m 12,28 12,62 12,87 13,27 13,61
projected wingspan, m 9,51 9,82 10,02 10,33 10,59
root chord, m 2,36 2,44 2,49 2,56 2,63
tip chord, m 0,475 0,49 0,5 0,51 0,53
cells 69 69 69 69 69
glider weight, kg


sail fabrics NewSkytex 9017 E29A, E25A
lines Edelrid A8000U
risers 12 mm 1100 daN
connectors 3 mm APCO

Color schemes

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