Specialized paramotor wing for experienced PPG pilots


Moscito-4 is our new project in the segment of specific motor wings. The glider is a development of its predecessor Moscito-3.

We have created a new reflex wing profile with Air Scoop system that increases its ability to prevent fold-ups at high speed. We have also changed the shape of the wing to improve the steadiness balance and control of the wing. The front edge of Moscito-4 is intensified by nylon lines which ensure perfect start characteristics and keep this during the whole operating time. Optimization of lines gave us the opportunity to improve the aerodynamics of the wing.

As a result we have a more comfortable behavior of the wing in all flight regimes. Moscito-4 as all motor wings has an incredible resistance to fold-ups in the turbulence, what allows flights in difficult weather conditions at high speed.

The glider perfectly suits for slalom aerodrome exercises and for lasting route flights, it is really an all-purpose wing. Although it is possible to create some kind of specification due to the load on the wing. The more you load the wing, the more control and maneuverability you will receive. The most powerful impression from the wing is the exact control which allows to perform intuitive maneuvers during slalom exercises and prevent unwanted control motions.

The aerodynamic difference from its predecessor is well seen at high speed, according to our tests Moscito-4 needs less power from the power system at maximal speed of 65-70 km/h what can be fixed by lower rotation number needed(for 50-100 rotation number/min (6900…6950 and 7000…7050 rotation number/min for power system with power system Octagon and wings of 23 sq.m)).

We still do not recommend to use Moscito-4 as a study wing, but it is a good choice for a second wing!

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m2192123252730
aspect ratio5.
V min, km/h25-2725-2725-2725-2725-2725-27
V max, km/h65-7065-7065-7065-7065-7065-70
Vy bal, km/h42-4442-4442-4442-4442-4442-44
Vy bal trimm, km/h55-5755-5755-5755-5755-5755-57
Vy min, m/s1.4-1.51.4-1.51.4-1.51.4-1.51.4-1.51.4-1.5
pilots weight, kg50-7055-8060-9065-11070-12080-140
in-flight weight, kg60-12065-13070-14075-15080-16090-180
flat surface, m216.1317.819.5121.2122.925.43
projected surface, m2.
wingspan, m10.2310.7411.2511.7312.1912.84
projected wingspan, m8.138.548.949.329.6810.21
root chord, m2,22,312,422,5192,622,76
tip chord, m0,630,660,690,7210,750,79
lines length, m270284297310322339
weight, kg4.655.055.355.6

ткань Skytex 9017 E29A, E25A
стропы Liros
концы 25 мм polyester
коннекторы Maillon Rapide



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