Nasca-3 has developed the second generation that has made good account of itself. Due to a great breakthough made by our designers’ team we were able to move this kite to a higher level of our product line. Now Nasca-3 can perform in the sports class D8, where its “closest relative” Oscar-2 has already gained a good reputation. Size 8 and 11 do ideally suit the limitations of this class (8 m for main kite and 6,5 m for “storm” kite in the race line).

Despite the increased aspect ratio the kite remained its simple control and loyalty towards the rider, although its characteristics allow to compete head to head for medal places of D8.

Nasca-3 will also suit those riders. who have already finished the primary level in kiting, and help them fasten their kiting progress incredibly. It’s an ideal partner for fun-rides and freestyle as well as a comfortable and fast enguine for great distance-rides.

mountain rides
long-distance rides

Technical data

size 8 11 14
flat surface, m2 8 11,1 14
aspect ratio 5,5 6 6,5
cells 35 45 51
range of wind
(min – opt – max) m/s
5 – 10 – 16 3 – 7 – 13 2 – 5 – 10


fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25, Techfiber SBS-140 (Japan)
lines Liros Dyneema DC-60, DC-100
bar lines Liros dyneema DC-300, DC-200

Included with kite

  • kite
  • control bar
  • lines
  • rucksack
  • leash
  • manual
  • repair kit