Sport kite for experienced riders


We are proud to introduce you a new generation of Oscar kites. Having integrated limited external changed we managed to create a brand new kite with wide capacity range.

We have changed the philosophy of this model and Oscar-2 appeared to be more sportive and particular about rider’s experience than its predecessor.

Maximal kite traction power increased dramatically and power reset improved as well. We’ve moved balance between behaviour comfort and run sharpness towards increase of run characteristics but tried not to overstep over the comfort framework needed for durable rides. This became possible due to close cooperation of our designers and test-pilots. Basing on the results of multiple test-rides made in Russia by our racing test-riders we took the best variant of several alternates and brought it into circulation. As a result, Oscar-2 gently stretches wind blasts and looses power during wind subsiding without sharp depressions.

The kite has perfect control that is much more “active” comparing to the previous model. Despite of great aspect ratio you can perform kite loops without any danger of grazing snow with kite “ears”. The bar is distinct and controllable, the load is a bit higher comparing to the first Oscar model. The leading edge of the kite is hold by nylon rods, kite has double valve and drainage system for water bleeding.

Who and what is this kite designed for? Initially we set a task to create a universal kite for cross country rides, marathons and serious expeditions. That means, the kite is suitable for everyone from a graduate rider from a kite-school to a serious racer, taking part in winter kite competitions “the 8-th division” (span of the kite spread on the ground equals eight meters).


Technical data

size 11 15
flat surface, m2 11,5 15,5
aspect ratio 6 6
cells 43 43
range of wind
(min – opt – max)
3 – 7 – 16 2 – 5 – 12


fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25, Techfiber SBS-140 (Japan)
lines Liros dyneema DC-60, DC-100
bar lines Liros dyneema DC-300, DC-200

Delivery kit

  • kite
  • bar with bar-lines
  • leash
  • rucksack
  • adjustable compression strap
  • manual
  • repair kit