Harness for tandem passenger



Harness for tandem pilots with rescue parachute container on the back. Over this container there is a pocket for personal things.

The position of the back and distance between legs can be changed. Ascet pilot has rescue parachute halyards connected to the tandem bar.

The harness with carabiners weights 1000 gramms.

Transformer harness that can be turned into a 50 liter rucksack. It is created for tandem passengers or for solo pilots.

The harness has airbag for back protection and a large back pocket.

It is equiped with comfortable handles that help the passenger sit into the harness and hook@loop for pilot’s instrument. You can easily put a harness, a helmet and additional equipment into the rucksack, that allows to divide the weight between pilot and passenger if you need to walk to the take off or after the landing.

Weight of the harnesss with carabiners is 1200 gramms.

  • Size Pilots height, cm Seatboard lenght, cm Suspension point, cm Protector thickness, cm Harness weight, kg
    140-195 no seatplate 46 27 1,2


  • No seatplate with saparated leg supports
  • Harness transforms into a rucksack with capacity of 50L


  • Oxford 210

Complete set:

  • harness
  • carabiners

Ordered saparately:

  • reserve paraсhute front container
  • reserve paraсhute
  • speed bar
  • speed bar rollers

Ascet harnesses line