Competition glider, certified as En-D. Designed for professional pilots who are flying cross-country and competitions.


Paraglider Evolution-X is the first certified paraglider in the World with aspect ratio of more than 7.

Competition hero

Since it’s first prototypes, Evolution collects an impressive crop of medals, at various competitions, year by year. From the domestic CIS-wide cometitions, up to major international competitions, e.g. pre-PWC.

Evolution concept was really successful – so in 2009 we decided not to develop a new design from scratch, but just slightly modify existing one. Originally developed in 2008, Evolution continues to evolve and prove its superiority on different competitions again and again. Wing of 2010 has several significant differences from the design of 2008-2009. Aspect ratio has increased from 7.2 up to 7.3. Also increasing the airfoil thickness, which led to even greater wing rigidity. In addition, some airfoil optimizations provided increasing of balance and accelerated speeds to 1-2 km/h more. But the most important – the wing became even more accurate and controllable, making even easier to climb in any conditions.

Classic design

Evolution-X has a simple classical structure – leading edge reinforcements are made of mylar (NCV production). Such design is good for safety – the probability of cravat is less, frontal collapses are predictable and not abrupt.

An accurate optimization of air intake’s shape and disposition, of the leading edge’s full design allowed to get the wing’s maximum speed of 70 km/h! At fully pressed accelerator Evolution-X conducts safely and predictably, allowing a pilot to exploit all the paraglider’s speed when the win depends upon it.

Reliability and Efficiency

Despite the fact that Evolution-X is meant for experienced pilots, we emphasized the comfort and safety while developing it. Excellent fugacity is not enough for reaching maximum results at long route flights and competitions. Such flights require pilot’s all efforts. And if at limit flight conditions the paraglider becomes too strict and exacting towards the pilot, the pilot will not be able to fully disclose wing’s capacity. Impossibility to fly at maximum speed because of turbulence often becomes a rigid limit which compels pilots to reduce speed when it’s most necessary (e.g. at finish glides, flying into strong headwind, in strong downflow). But there are almost no restrictions for Evolution-X. This wing’s incredible stability, even at accelerator’s maximum speed, allows a pilot to safely and comfortably work for result at most difficult conditions when competitors surrender.

High-tech materials

We use the most perfect NCV fabrics in the design of Evolution-X – the top surface is made of Skytex 9092 / E85A. This fabric is famous for its deformation resistance and durability at moderate solidity.

Serial Evolution-X has fully unsheated lines, the upper line rows are made of traditional dyneema, and lower line ones are more loaded and made of vectran. For uncertified sizes, the upper line row can be made of kevlar – it’s less inclined to shrinkage, which is rather significant for the wing with a high aspect ratio.


Evolution-X-24 is certified in EN D class. It has only one D rating for frontal collapse on accelerator. Certainly we had to resort to a trick as a certified paraglider has a restricted accelerator speed, and maximum speed is approximately 55 km/h. Risers with increased accelerator’s speed and trimmer are manufactured by order.

xc pilot

Technical data

size 23 24 25 26 27
flat surface, m2 23 24,0 25,0 26,0 27,0
aspect ratio 7,3 7,3 7,3 7,3 7,3
V min, km/h 25 25 25 25 25
V max, km/h 69 69 69 69 69
Vy min, m/s ? ? ? ? ?
total in-flight weight, kg 81 +/- 4 90 +/- 5 100 +/- 5 110 +/- 6 120 +/- 6

scale 0,955 0,976 0,995 1,015 1,035
wingspan, m 12,96 13,24 13,50 13,77 14,04
projected wingspan, m 10,21 10,43 10,64 10,85 11,06
projected surface, m2. 19,51 20,38 21,18 22,04 22,91
projected aspect ratio 5,34 5,34 5,34 5,34 5,34
root chord, m 2,22 2,26 2,31 2,35 2,40
tip chord, m 0,334 0,342 0,348 0,355 0,362
cells 77 77 77 77 77


sail fabrics NewSkytex 9017 E29A, E38A, 9092 E85A
lines Vectran, Dyneema (unsheated)
risers 20 mm polyester (15 mm available as option)
connectors 15 mm APCO

Color schemes