Tandem paraglider created specially for flying with a passenger.


A Perfect choise for professionals

Having accumulated and analyzed a big amount of feedbacks about Escort paraglider of the first generation, we started creating a new tandem. The main Escort-2 difference from its predecessor is a considerably high glide ratio. We reached the improvement having increased the wing’s aspect ratio and optimized line’s system. Escort-2 prototypes were tested in Turkey and the Carpathians, and they have received positive pilots’ feedbacks. Escort-2 perfectly suits for flying with a motor trike. We produce a reinforced paraglider version for this purpose – with reinforced lines and additional canopy carcass.

Classic structure

We reworked Escort-2 in 2017 – now it has nylon rods on the leading edge and system, shortening trailing edge, when you apply brakes. Handling and take-off are now better! Escort-2 paraglider’s risers are equipped with a trimmer with a replaceable strap that can be changed after being damaged.


Escort-2-41 is certified in EN B class with opened and closed trimmers.

xc pilot

Technical data

size 38 41 44
flat surface, m2 38,2 41,3 44,3
aspect ratio 5,33 5,33 5,33
V min, km/h 25 25 25
V max, km/h 45 45 45
Vy min, m/s      
total in-flight weight, kg 120-180 150-220 180-250
EN   En-B  
scale 0,962 1 1,036
projected surface, m2. 33,03 35,7 38,32
projected aspect ratio 3,96 3,96 3,96
wingspan, m 14,27 14,84 15,37
projected wingspan, m 11,44 11,89 12,31
root chord, m 3,31 3,44 3,57
tip chord, m 0,66 0,68 0,71
cells 56 56 56
lines length, m      
glider weight, kg      


Fabric: Skytex 9017 E29A, E25A
Lines: Liros DSL-70/TSL190, TSL220/TSL380, TSL280
Risers: Polyester 25mm, Maillon Rapide 4mm

Included with glider

  • Large backpack
  • Packaging bag
  • Tandem bars with steel carabiners
  • Buckle belt (without velcro)
  • Repair kit
  • T-shirt

Color schemes

Color scheme constructor

Color 1
Color 2
Color 3


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