Paramotor wing for students and beginners.


When we were developing the first generation Scout, we thought it was a boring task. The training wing rarely gets positive feedback from regular flying pilots. But with Scout it's not like that. As the years went by, we flew this wing regularly and we all fell in love with it. We received a lot of positive feedback from other pilots. Scout turned out to be in demand not only in flight schools, all pilots use it with pleasure. But time goes by and we have ideas how to make it even better. Scout-2 is a further development of the first eneration paraglider. This is not a revolution, as was the first generation, but an evolution. The process of creating a new wing took almost three years, but this time was well spent.

The Scout-2 has the same reflex wing profile with a special "air scoop" air intake as on the first generation wing. The leading edge of the Scout is reinforced with wavy nylon lines that form the "air scoop" intake – a similar solution is traditionally used on many paragliders of our company.

The wing behaves exemplarily at the start. It very easily goes overhead and stops on its own, which is very important for the student. Since landing with a motor in calm is stressful for an inexperienced pilot, we paid special attention to landing characteristics. Scout-2 perfectly makes a "cushion" even with not entirely correct actions of the pilot. In flight, the wing "swallows" turbulence, does not roll under power, has a balanced turn and will not frighten the pilot during the first maneuvers.

Scout-2 has three main lines on each row, three rows of lines on the risers and partly four on the canopy. The line system has a classic design – the lower tier is made of Liros TSL 280/220 braided foot. The upper tiers are made of Liros DSL 70 and PPSL 120 lines.

Scout-2 is equipped with a system for reefing the trailing edge of the wing when working with toggles. We have simplified the design of risers compared to the first generation wing, and also changed the control system. Now, instead of a separate brake to control at maximum speed, we use 2D control. As a result, the wing has become even friendlier at the stage of preparation for flight.

The risers are made from 25mm tape. The accelerator is equipped with bearing rollers and is very comfortable to use. The brake handles are fixed with high-quality and comfortable magnets in flight. Toggles are traditionally equipped with swivels.

The Scout-2 is also great for trike flying. We manufacture a special Scout Trike for flying with a two-seat cart.

Scout-2 has passed EN 926-1:2015 & LTF NFL II-9109 chapter 3 certification (load test). This certification complies with DGAC requirements

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m22123252730
aspect ratio4.
in-flight weight, kg55-11560-12570-13580-15590-175
flat surface, m217,5819,2520,9222,6025,11
projected surface, m2.3,313,313,313,313,31
wingspan, m10,0410,5110,9511,3912,00
projected wingspan, m7,637,988,328,659,11
root chord, m2,562,682,792,903,06
tip chord, m0,60,620,650,680,71
lines length, m
weight, kg5.

верхняя поверхность Skytex 9017 E25A
нижняя поверхность Skytex 9017 E25A
нервюры Skytex 9017 E29A
диагональные нервюры 9017 E29A
усиление передней кромки Flexon cord 2,4 mm
усиление крепления строп Dacron 170 g/sqm
стропы верхнего яруса Liros DSL 70
стропы среднего яруса Liros PPSL 120
стропы нижнего яруса Liros TSL 220, TSL 280
свободные концы 20 mm polyester, 1200 daN
коннекторы 3 mm Mailon Rapide

Color schemes

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