En-B glider. Designed for pilots who has just finished flight lessons and have more than 20 flying hours. Also can be used for powered flights


Intermediate of the fifth generation

The product line of DiSCovery paragliders has been pleasing pilots for more than 10 years so far. Being simple, reliable and friendly, these paragliders of intermediate class became devoted friends to a great amount of amateur pilots, and also allowed their owners to gradually shift from education to soaring and climbing in thermals, and endowed the pilots with happiness of cross country flights. Creating the fifth new version of our bestseller, we’ve done everything for improving the renewed DiSCovery.

Uncompromised high-tech

The modern paraglider of intermediate class has a more advanced structure than the best competition wings of 2000s beginning. Plastic leading edge reinforcements, miniribs, unsheated lines and lots of other features are used in Discovery-5 structure. This enabled the decrease of aspect ratio and quantity of wing’s cells at appreciable improvement of flying characteristics and decrease of paraglider’s weight in comparison with Discovery-4.

Rods in the leading edge

We haven’t used this technology in Discovery paragliders for a long time, accumulating experience of using rods in more advanced models. Now we are sure that plastic rods in the leading edge can be also used in the intermediate class, getting all the advantages from this decision at the same time not losing its safety. Rods is a light wing which starts perfectly even in calm weather conditions, goes gently out of dangerous flight modes and has an excellent resistance to collapses.

FitCut technology

The paraglider’s leading edge is the most significant part in terms of aerodynamics. Inflating of cells on the leading edge results in appearing of folds that worsen the wing’s flow. FitCut is a new technology of wing panel’s shape calculation, allowing to minimize the quantity of folds and get particularly flat and clear aerodynamical surface in the place where it is the utmost needed.


In Discovery-5 we used so far classical miniribs on trailing edge. Miniribs prevent cells’ inflating, considerably decreasing harmful aerodynamical wing’s resistance while the weight is minimal.

Laser cut

In 2014 we launched a new laser cutting complex. All Discovery-5 paragliders are cut by laser, providing an unattainable before high level of accuracy and neatness of part-making. By the way, Discovery-5 canopy is made of more than 560 elements besides loops for lines and reinforcements.

New airfoil

One of the amazing top-class sport products’ features (approximately since 2010) became the ability to come up into a bumpy air, converting the turbulence energy into the decreasing of descent velocity or even ascent. Firstly, it was like something fantastic and only the most complex and the least safe paraglider could perform like that. Now due to DiSCovery5 we make a unique super capacity available to everybody. New airfoil, which the wing is rigged with, produces an effect of coming up almost in the same way as the best sport products can do. Now a bumpy air is more a friend than an enemy!

Attention to details

No matter how advanced a paraglider is, all its advantages are useless, if it is uncomfortable in use. We’ve done all the possible to make a flight on DiSCovery5 pleasant and comfortable. Unsheathed lines are used only in the upper level that is at the same time aerodynamics’ improvement and simplicity in getting ready for the start. We changed the structure of brakes’ handles – now they are more comfortable and are fixed by magnets. New structure of risers makes managing the accelerator unexpectedly easy and pleasant. And that’s not everything. Just try it and you’ll be surprised how comfortable a real flight can be!


Discovery-5 in S,M & L sizes is certified in En-B category.

Flights with a motor

Discovery-5 behaves perfectly well in the motor flight. Motor risers with an accelerating trimmer are supplied to order.

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m22325272931
aspect ratio5.
V min, km/h2323232323
V max, km/h5151515151
Vy min, m/s1,11,11,11,11,1
in-flight weight, kg60–8070–9080–10095–120110–140
flat surface, m219,7421,4423,1724,8726,62
projected surface, m2.3,763,763,763,763,76
wingspan, m10,9411,4011,8512,2812,7
projected wingspan, m8,618,979,339,6710,0
root chord, m2,592,712,812,923,01
tip chord, m0,550,580,60,620,64
lines length, m251258272288292
weight, kg5,35,55,86,06,3

 ткань Skytex 9017 E-25; Skytex 9017 E-29
 стропы Liros
 концы polyester 20mm
 коннекторы stainless steel 3,5mm

Included with glider

  • Standart rucksack
  • Valtro strap
  • Repair kit
  • Manual
  • T-shirt

Additional option

  • Motor risers with trimmers

Color schemes

Color scheme constructor

Color 1
Color 2
Color 3