Advanced paramotor wing for VERY experienced PPG pilots


Due to the bigger aspect ratio and the new profile, the Sceptic requires less thrust in horizontal flight than the Moscito-4 of small sizes. At the same time, the maximum speed is much higher – in a flight without engine we reached 83 km / h (Sceptic-17.5, 100 kg flight weight).

Take-off with a powerful engine is not a problem, landing in a zero wind requires attention and careful approach, in the presence of wind it’s not difficult.

Sceptic is good for slalom and convenient on the route – you can fly at a speed of 60 km / h without using an accelerator and with a relatively low fuel consumption.

Risers are equipped with a system that connects accelerator and trimmer – this allows the pilot to use the entire speed range of the paraglider, without being distracted by using trimmers.

Sceptic makes very high demands on the level of the pilot – we estimate a minimum experience of 200 hours, including at least one season on a less demanding paraglider of small size – for example Moscito-4-19 or 21 (depending on the weight of the pilot).

Vladimir Beliy took 2nd place in the Ukraine Championship 2017, flying Sceptic-17.5.

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m21617,51921
aspect ratio5.855.855.855.85
V closed tr, km/h50505050
V opened tr, km/h60606060
V closed tr+acc, km/h80808080
V closed tr+acc, km/h83838383
in-flight weight, kg60-13070-14080-15090-160
flat surface, m213.5914.8716.1417.83
projected surface, m2.
wingspan, m9.6710.1210.5411.08
projected wingspan, m7.527.878.28.61
root chord, m2.0242.1172.2062.138
tip chord, m0.4240.4440.4630.486

ткань Skytex 9017 E29A, E25A
стропы Liros
концы 25 мм polyester
коннекторы Maillon Rapide



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