Trike/aerochute paramotor wing


Scout Trike is a new generation of trike and aerochute wings from Sky Country.

Pilots who used Scaners of previous generations wanted to increase flight characteristics. Main demand of professional pilots was simplicity of start and landing and only then control and speed. To achieve this task we decided to go further from aerochutes towards paragliders. Scout’s predcessor Scaner-3 is already more like a paraglider, but here we have no doubts at all. The wing’s aspect ratio has grown from 4,5 to 4,8.

Scout can be used for a variety of tasks, such as flights with passengers, photo and video, skydivers’ lifts, transportation of loads, monitoring of ground objects.

Due to big a/r, high number of sections and a new airfoil we managed to improve the glide ratio of the wing dramatically, which has considerably reduced the needed capacity of the engine. Scout is easy to lift and start at any conditions. Brake pressure is not low, but responsive and that provides you with a sufficient maneuverability.

We have put a special attention to propeller reactive moment and did our best to reduce it. The moment has minimal influence on control in every flight regime.

The wing has two production variants – for trikes with wide distance between suspension points (1500…1600 mm) and for trikes with narrow distance (800-900 mm).

Scout Trike can be produced in two sizes— 38 and 45 sq.m. Maximal load capacity of variant with wide suspension points is 380 and 450 kg, of variant with narrow suspension points is 300 and 350 kg.

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Technical data

flat surface, m23845
aspect ratio4,84,8
flat surface, m231,8537,72
projected surface, m2.3,313,31
projected wingspan, m10,27511,18
weight, kg

верхняя поверхность Skytex 9017 E25A
нижняя поверхность Skytex 9017 E25A
нервюры Skytex 9017 E29A
диагональные нервюры 9017 E29A
усиление передней кромки Flexon cord 2,4 mm
усиление крепления строп Dacron 170 g/sqm
стропы верхнего яруса Liros NTSL 160, PPSL 120
стропы среднего яруса Liros TSL 280, TSL 190
стропы нижнего яруса Liros DSL 600, TSL 380
свободные концы 25 mm polyester, 1200 daN

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