Lightweight and comfortable “cocoon” harness for XC paragliding flights



Sector is a new light harness. It was created to replace the X-cool.

It is made for XC-pilots who appreciate lightness and comfort.

The harness has a combined power construction and can be used with or without a classical plastic seat plate.

There are three variants for rescue parachute container: front, under the pilot's seat or the combination of both of them.

The Sector has a large storage unit, where you can put a rucksack, drinking system and other stuff that yo do not need during the flight. Besides the harness has two side pockets and under the cockpit ("under-position of rescue parachute") is a pocket for gloves. There is enough space to place two or three gadgets on the cockpit. There is also a soft accelerator bar with ball bearing pulleys to create comfortable and well controllable usage of the accelerator.

The Sector has back ventilation for long and comfortable XC journeys.


  • Get-Up system.
  • Quick lock buckles ("under-position of rescue parachute").
  • Possible choice of one of three variants of rescue parachute positions: under, front or both of them.
  • Shoulder fixation of parachute fall (only with "under-seat position of rescue").
  • Power carbines fixation of parachute fall ("front container of rescue").
  • Both types of fixation in case of usage of two parachutes.
  • Possibility to use harness with plastic seat plate or without it.
  • Muss protector.
  • Large storage unit with upper access.
  • Side pockets available during the flight.
  • "Gloves pocket" in the cockpit (only with "under-seat position of rescue").
  • Adjustable seat position.
  • Adjustable cocoon length.
  • Ventilation of the pilots back
  • Pocket for radio set on the shoulder belt.
Size Piots height, cm Seatboard width, cm Suspension point dist., cm Protector thickness, cm Harness weight, kg
S up to 165 32 40 15 3,7
M 165-175 33 41 15 3,9
L 175-185 34 42 15 4,1
XL higher than 185 36 43 15 4,3

List of options

  • rescue position: under seat / frontal / both
  • colour: red / blue

Complete set

  • Harness
  • Muss protector
  • Carabiners
  • Accelerator bar
  • Plastic seat plate
  • Front container for rescue (option)
  • Rescue system falls
  • Handle (handles) for rescue system

Color schemes