Universal harness with aerodynamic spinner and removable “cocoon”. Perfectly fits the “weekend pilot” as well as a competitor, flying routs and participating in a competitions.



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The harness has simple design but this simplicity – not to the detriment of pilot’s convenience. Ergonomics were carefully developed on some prototypes. Apart of convenience in flight we’ve given special attention to simplicity of sitting in after the start and reverse transition to the landing position.

X-cool harness has advanced back aerodynamic fairing which is inflating with incident air flow in flight. X-cool has one capacious back pocket and two side pockets for the paragliding knapsack and personal things.

The harness is made of the Oxford Nylon 210 D fabric.

Reserve parachute position

Reserve is placed in a front-mount container which satisfies the latest requirement for a competition harness: a pilot should have two reserve parachutes or accessibility to the only reserve by any hand. Reserve container can be easily removed and put on a harness. The container is structurally joined with a cockpit which has a stiff cover, protecting instruments at transportation.


Pilot’s passive safety system consists of 17-cm multisectional protector in conjunction with a seatplate made of high pressure polyethylene. The protector has complex spatial construction that supplies minimum capacity at transportation and maximum protection level in working state. The X-cool harness can be supplied with side protection made of 40mm thickness polyurethane to order.

The harness can be with classic belt construction with T-lock or with more light belt system Get-up with two buckles

Size Piots height, cm Seatboard lenght/width, cm Suspension point, cm Protector thickness, cm Harness weight, kg
S up to 165 33 / 31,5 39 17 3,7
M 165-175 35 / 33 41 17 3,9
L 175-185 37 / 35 43 17 4,1
XL higher than 185 37 / 38 45 17 4,3


  • Fabric: Oxford Nylon 210 D
  • Seat basement: polywood 10мм
  • Protector: mussbag 170mm

List of options

  • belt construction type: T-lock / Get-up
  • colour: red / blue / yellow

Complete set

  • harness with protector
  • 2 snap hooks
  • foot stirrup
  • accelerator bar

To be ordered separately:

  • front container for reserve parachute and devices
  • side protectors
  • removable front fairing “cocone”

Detachable cocoon