Sport kite for experienced riders


After a year of working on the new flagship of our company, developing a new airfoil, finding a new planform, riding various prototypes and experiments with different settings, we finally realized our dream! It’s not just another racing kite, but a marathon racing bolide!

Marathon movement (or kite enduro) becomes more and more popular in European and Russian snowkiting. The “Ragnarok” long race, super marathons “VAKE” and “TOKE”, the “Imandra” marathon and new similar competitions are gathering more and more participants. Large lakes, wide rivers and endless tundra – they all wait for riders! And we also are lovers of long distances.

The marathon kite is something different from the “sprint”. Perhaps (but not fact), it will lose a second or two in the course-race, but will play an hour on the 100-kilometer race.

Kite is very easy to start in any conditions. Checked from the start in almost zero wind conditions to a very strong wind. In general, you can start off blithely enough compared to other racing wings. At the start, the ears do not stick, front collapses do not occur, full filling begins from the first meters of takeoff.

As we expected, Specter-2 operates in a much larger wind range. It absolutely does not carry the rider at high speeds and does not overload his legs.

The new kite is practically not afraid of a ragged wind. We specially tested it in the most extreme turbulent places and conditions.

At all courses, the wing does not scamper across the sky, but steadily and obediently flies to the goal, allowing the pilot to concentrate on the navigation and tactics of the race.

And it is very important that in the calm failures Specter-2 does not collapse and is not wrapped in a butterfly.

As a result, even the longest distances turns from a hard work to pleasure.

However, we want to warn that to fully realize the possibilities of the new kite the rider needs to revise his skills. He must learn to work with the pennant wind and get used to high speeds!

Specter-2 is also good for cource-race like all other racing kites. And we want to note that it is also very suitable for a hydrofile.


Technical data

size 9 11 15 18
flat surface, m2 9 11,5 15 18
aspect ratio 7,5 7,5 8 8
cells 57 57 65 65
approximate* range of wind
(min – opt – max) m/s
4 – 10 – 17 2 – 7 – 14 1,5 – 6 – 12 0,5 – 5 – 10


fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25
lines Liros dyneema DC-60, DC-100
bar lines Liros dyneema DC-200, DC-100
rollers Rostan

Delivery kit

  • kite
  • bar with bar-lines (optional)
  • rucksack (optional)
  • adjustable compression strap
  • bag
  • manual
  • repair kit