High Performance glider, certified as En-C. Designed for experienced pilots who are flying cross-country and competitions.


Mystic-4 is the newest high performance glider from Sky Country. We worked on the new Mystic for more than three years, investing all our knowledge and experience in this project – and even a little more). A high performance paraglider is a visiting card of any manufacturer. All previous generations of Mystics were outstanding – the first Mystic was not certified because the test pilot could not collapse the front edge on full accelerator! This profile feature made the first and second generation Mystics exceptionally resistant to collapses in turbulence – and later such profiles led to the invention of folding lines – auxiliary lines used by the pilot to induce collapses. Mystic-3 was certified in M and L sizes with these special lines, but later they were only allowed for paragliders of the En D category and higher. This moment complicated the work on the fourth generation of Mystic and caused the delay of its release for about a year.

We are very pleased with the result – the new Mystic is flying much better than its predecessor, and has a phenomenal level of security at the same time – Mystic-4M at a minimum weight of 80 kg has all B ratings, at a maximum of 100 kg – C for take off behaviour and brake travell. We spent a lot of time tuning the controllability of the wing – thermalling will give you real pleasure!

Mystic 4 uses all modern technical solutions to improve flight performance – a double 3D cutting of the leading edge makes it aerodynamically clean and perfectly tensioned. Air Scoop air intake optimizes internal pressure at different angles of attack and allows the wing to resist collapses in turbulence perfectly. On the part of the wing only one fourth rib is supported, so we were able to reduce the total length of the lines (to 243 m for size M), this solution required a more complex internal structure of the wing – somewhere you can find two diagonal ribs in one section. A new system, gathering trailing edge while using brakes, is made of a thin uncovered dyneema line and has a minimum drag. Brake lines are now attached only to every third rib.

Simple and easy-to-use risers have only 3 rows, are made of 12 mm Cousin webbing and equipped with ball bearing pulleys – as a result, the pressure on the accelerator bar has become very comfortable. C-risers have special loops, allowing you to control the paraglider on the accelerator without using brakes. Canopy is supported by four rows of lines (unlike the three on Mystic-3) – this modern trend allows the use of relatively thin profiles with reduced drag, the third and fourth rows are combined on the upper level.

Mystic-4 has long plastic inserts in the leading edge, as well as inserts over the third row of lines – they allow to minimize the number of unnecessary folds on the canopy. These plastic inserts are insensitive to deformations.

The paraglider is made of the best materials on the market: NCV Skytex E-25 fabric for surfaces and E-29 for the inner wing structure, Edelrid A8000U uncovered lines from 50 to 230 kg strength, Maillon Rapid connectors.

The updated graphic design favorably emphasizes the harmonious form of the new Mystic.

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m220222427.531
aspect ratio6.
V min, km/h
V max, km/h
Vy min, m/s
in-flight weight, kg60-8070-9080-10090-115105-130
flat surface, m216.818.520.223.1226.11
projected surface, m2.4.674.674.674.674.67
wingspan, m11.411.9512.4913.3614.2
projected wingspan, m8.879.299.7110.3911.04
root chord, m
tip chord, m0.6230.6500.675
lines length, m223233244261277
weight, kg4.745.165.72

ткань Skytex 9017 E29A, E25A
стропы Edelrid A8000U
концы 12 mm 1100 daN
коннекторы Maillon Rapide

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