Multipurpose single-skin paraglider. Perfect for Hike&Fly


Single skin paragliders and kites appeared quite a long time ago, we also experimented with similar projects for many years. The Casper / Hysper kite family has been produced for more than a year, and they are very good for training and freeride. Designing and testing of a single skin paraglider took more time and effort, but the result is great!

Around the world, there are two different types of single skin wings – classic and hybrid. Classic have only one surface, while hybrids have closed volumes filled with air.

We fabricated and tested several prototypes of classic and hybrid design and made a choice towards the classic one.

Meet the Scotch – a single skin multi-purpose glider!

We offer two versions of a paraglider — made from ordinary and lightweight fabric. The first has a larger lifetime, the second has a minimum weight and packing volume. Both have plastic reinforcements at the leading edge, unsheated lines and lightweight risers with an accelerator.

First of all, Scotch is a wing for hike & fly. Here the most important role is played by the light weight of the wing. The 18th size made from the classic Skytex 9017E25 (38 g/sq.m.) weighs 2 kg., from the light Skytex 7000 E3H (27 g/sq.m.) – about 1.5 kg. So, the glider with Ascet LT lightweight harness weighs only 2 – 2.5 kg.

The second application is a wing for ground training in a paragliding school. A simple start and an easy hold of the wing above the head in light winds accelerate the initial training process.

The third type of activity is flights with a power unit. Due to its simple launch, the wing is excellent for paramotor training and the first flights.

In our opinion, Scotch is well suited for accuracy landing, although this is not typical for single skin gliders. The wing holds the trajectory nice and effectively changes its angle when working with brakes.

We also tested the Scotch on a winch – and it showed itself perfectly.

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m2161820
aspect ratio5.55.55.5
weight, kg1.9/1.62.1/1.72.3/1.9
in-flight weight, kg60-9080-110100-130
flat surface, m213.5115.216.88
projected surface, m2.
wingspan, m9.389.9510.49
projected wingspan, m7.527.978.4
root chord, m2.022.142.26
tip chord, m0.550.580.61
lines length, m
V min, km/h
V max, km/h
Vy min, m/s



Manual (0,5mb) Certification documents Scotch L (20) Lines chart Scotch S (16) Scotch M (18) Scotch L (20)

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