High En-B class paraglider. Designed for pilots who has more than 50 flying hours


The High En B subclass is the most interesting class of paragliders for pilots. Wings in this class have good volatility, with a very high level of safety. They allow you to fly far and fast, while not requiring a lot of piloting experience and quick reactions to turbulence from the pilot. We were pleased with the performance when we introduced its predecessor, but the new wing has gained even more volatility and handling without losing any in terms of reliability and comfort. You can even say more, the wing has become even more secure.

The technical part is quite standard – the new paraglider has a slightly smaller elongation of 5.7 units than its predecessor, but a larger number of sections – 61.

Scooter-3 has a completely new airfoil and a new surface tension system. The double 3D cut improves the quality of the surface in the most important place – in the frontal part of the upper surface.

The Air Scoop intake optimizes the air pressure inside the wing at various angles of attack, increasing the resistance of the glider to collapse on full speed. The shape of the air intake is supported by a single double curvature plastic rod – this allows to slightly reduce the weight of the structure. The rod we use is insensitive to deformations.

The internal structure of the wing has been completely redesigned. We were able to abandon some of the elements that were in the design of the 2nd generation, which led to a lower mass of the wing. The overflow holes in the ribs and diagonal ribs are also optimized to reduce mass and improve the shape of the surfaces.

The Scooter-3’s stability and control settings make it easy for a pilot with small flying experience to feel comfortable in turbulent air.

The glider is made from NCV’s classic fabrics – Skytex 9017 E25 for the surfaces and rigid Skytex 9017 E29 for the internal structure of the wing. We believe this is the best selection of fabric in terms of weight and resource.

Scooter-3 has three main lines on each row, three rows of lines on the risers and partly four on the canopy. The line system has a combined design – the main level is made of Liros PPSL 200/160/120 covered line – it is more convenient to use and more durable than a non-covered line. These lines are made from dyneema material, the main advantage of which is a small loss of strength during operation. This allows to make the line thin without increasing drag. The upper levels are made of unsheathed Liros and Edelrid lines.

Scooter-3 is equipped with a system that shortens the trailing edge of the wing when using brakes. Brakel lines are made of thin Liros DC-60/100 lines, as the least sensitive to abrasive wear – after all, it is the control lines that most of all come into contact with the ground at the start.

Risers are made from 12mm Cousin webbing – polyester with a Kevlar core. The accelerator is equipped with bearing pulleys and is very comfortable to use. The risers have a new control system for the C and B rows when flying at the accelerator.

The brake handles are fixed with new convenient magnets and are traditionally equipped with swivels.

xc pilot

Technical data

flat surface, m223.525.527.530
aspect ratio5.
V min, km/h
V max, km/h
Vy min, m/s
in-flight weight, kg70-9080-9890-115110-140
flat surface, m219.9721.6723.3525.51
projected surface, m2.
wingspan, m11.5712.0512.513.07
projected wingspan, m9.149.529.8810.33
root chord, m
tip chord, m
lines length, m250260270282
weight, kg4.

ткань Skytex 9017 E29A, E25A
стропы Edelrid A8000U / Liros PPSL
концы 12 mm 1100 daN
коннекторы Maillon Rapide


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