New kites Spectre and Oscar-3 have succcesfully passed all tests in various and very difficult conditions of supermaraphon ТОКЕ-2017

Sky Country team, represented by our kite designer Maksim Maximov and rider Sergey Mal’cev took the 3d place on the 1st Stage of World Cup WISSA for extralong distances (ТОКЕ-2017)!

On the very first competition day our sportsmen got a problem, because the back part of one ski was broken, so they had to compete on 3,5 skis for two peeople. They have covered a distance of 400 km in three days and have only come one minute later than those guys, who took the second place!

Kites Spectre 11,5 and 18, as well as Oscar-3-18 were specially tested with standart 25-meter extention and have perfectly coped with hard terrain turbulence from islands and bays, they have been effective in dead calm and gave a comfortable ride with blasts of wind on ice, snowdrifts and meltwater.

And the main thing is that unlike our different equipment items (GPS, radio set, ski and sledge) that were not able to stay the course of that difficult ride, the new kites have never broken!